The Gorge Mountain Pike Park - World class trails!
The Gorge MTB Park - World class trails!

The Gorge MTB Park, Nelson - 70km of NZ's top trails!

“Everything about the Gorge was top notch!! The staff, tracks, huts, and transport were so bloody good!” Matt 

Nelson Mountain Bike ClubSituated just south of Nelson, deep in the Wairoa Valley, ‘The Gorge’ is home to over 70km of world class hand-built single track. Trails start at grade 3 and go all the way to grade 6. You will get almost 1000m descending on every top to bottom run! Check out the most ‘backcountry’ feeling bike park in NZ.

The Gorge is operated by the Nelson Mountain Bike Club (NMTBC) for the benefit of our members and guests. To maximise your Nelson riding experience and gain member discounts, please become a member. NMTBC manage and maintain the trails and accommodation with a small crew and a large number of  club volunteers. Check out the current projects and how you can help.



We have lots of exciting new options and specials coming up over the next few months. Check out our Events and Specials page to find out more!





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