The Gorge Mountain Pike Park - World class trails!


A typical day at the Wairoa Gorge Mountin Bike Park consists of revolving shuttles starting at 8.30, with the last uplift at 3pm. This will give you about five 1000m descents and about 30km of trail. You will have plenty of time to make it down the hill to the shuttle pick up point with revolving shuttles. There is no pressure for you to meet a timetabled shuttle.

There are 15 marked route options for you to follow down that will suit everyone from the first-time intermediate rider to a full ‘Dark Side’ expert. The marked routes mean there is no need to be looking at maps to wonder where you are – the park is well signed with the marked routes.

If you aren’t sure which routes try or just want some recommendations based on your skill and experience levels, have a chat to your shuttle driver. These guys know the trails in the mountain bike park like the back of their hands and are happy to help out howeber they can.

At the beginning of the day, load your lunch and anything you may need for the day in the first shuttle. You can store this at Irvines – which is your base at the top of the mountain bike park for the day. Have lunch when it suits you and take a break between shuttles to allow you to take in the grandeur of the Gorge. Help yourself to our complimentary tea, Milo and coffee (thanks Pomeroys!) at Irvines to refuel before your next run.

Don’t forget to put your bags in a shuttle vehicle to be taken down before you start your last run!

We will allocate a radio to each group so the Gorge crew can be contacted, and we can keep in touch with you. If you come on your own don’t worry – it’s easy to hook up with riders that want to ride the same trails as you, and many good friends have been made on a day at The Gorge.

The Gorge mountain bike park offers grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 trails.

The Wairoa Gorge trails are made up of:

  • 20% (14km) grade 3
  • 52% (36km) grade 4
  • 28%  (20km) grades 5 and 6.


There are 40 trails and 15 routes to choose from that flow seamlessly into a continuous single track experience from top to bottom. (a vertical drop of around 1000m, starting at 1200m above sea level, that takes between 20-40 minutes to complete).

The signposting is excellent, and each trail has been built to be a consistent grade from top to bottom.

There are no compulsory hucks or gaps, so no suprises, but there are lots of optional structures and harder trail sections.

The trails on offer are amazingly varied. Whatever “type” of riding you enjoy, you will find here and
instead of it being a 30 second section of your favourite ride at home, you will be treated to 30 minutes of trail that just does not seem to have an end!

The forest is made up of thick native beech with small patches of pine plantation so there are lots of rocks, roots and natural features to enjoy. The Gorge drains really well in the wet – so don’t be put off by a bit of rain in the days leading up to your visit, or even on the day.

Alternatively, if it is hot, there is an amazing swimming hole at the bottom of the bike park which is the perfect way to finish a day.

It is all part of the experience and we can’t wait to host you at this unique mountain bike park.

See you soon!

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