The Gorge Mountain Pike Park - World class trails!


A visit to The Gorge can be as much about exploration and adventure as it is about blasting laps. It is remote so you will need to be organised, here is a list of must have items, and some nice to haves. If you treat a day at The Gorge like a big back country ride then you will be prepared (its just that you may be descending 5000m!)

Helmet* – preferably a full-face.

Full finger Gloves*

Knee pads* and elbow

Waterproof jacket

Riding pack – (for snacks and water)

Towel – (for your swim in the river)

Dry post-ride clothes and extra warm layer


Phone fully charged – ideally with Trail Forks app downloaded

Tools and /tube/Pump/hanger (we have tyres and tubes for sale)

Sun cream – (you know it’s always sunny)

* compulsory items – you MUST have these with you to ride at The Gorge.


There is limited space on our shuttles for large amounts of extra stuff- please only bring what you can carry/ride with- a bit like what you can have for carry-on luggage for flying.

Be prepared - ride safely!