The Gorge Mountain Pike Park - World class trails!


Day Shuttle Information

$99 Nelson MTB Club Members, $69 Youth, $129 Non NMTBC members

The Nelson Mountain Bike Club operate day shuttles at the Gorge. This is the most popular way to ride, you’ll join with other riders for a fun day out making the most of the fantastic trails on offer. The Gorge offers trails that are grades 3 to 6, with 23% being grade 3 and 52% are 4, perfect for intermediate riders and above. You must pre-book.

Joining the Nelson Mountain Bike Club is recommended. You’ll easily cover your costs as you will receive a $30 discount on your day shuttle pass (adult price only), a permit for riding in Sharlands forest in Nelson, a huge number of member discounts and benefits (including petrol and beer), and you will be supporting the club and all the work it does in the region.

Private Shuttle Information

$900 for up to 8 riders

If you have a group of 6- 8 people then this shuttle is the one for you! Travelling in the Gorge Landcruiser you will have the flexibility to ride as you like, do lots of run or just a few relaxed ones. Your choice.

Meet at the Gorge at 8am to get ready and for your safety briefing. Only available on weekdays.

or… Why not add a night at Gibbs Lodge to make it an extra special day’s riding!  From $1,799 for up to 8.  Read more here

Shuttle details

  • 8am Arrive at The Gorge.
  • Meet the Gorge Crew: Briefing for health and safety, a run down on the day and radio assignment.
  • Shuttles start from 8.30am and the final uplift departs at 3pm (Start times for Private shuttles are negotiable)
  • Lunch break is at Irvine’s hut with great views and hot water. 
  • We encourage all rider to buddy up and have a radio in the group. 
  • Radios are to communicate between staff and riders. 
  • At the end of the day please hand in the radios to staff and sign out.

Other information

There are a lot of trails to choose from and many link seamlessly into a continuous single-track experience from top to bottom (a vertical drop of around 1000m). The signage and route selection throughout the park, and each trail has been built to be a consistent grade from top to bottom. 

First time runs – Check out our route options on the Trails page and start with a couple of lower graded ones to get a feel for the trails. Ask one of the crew what route may suit your first run.

If you need to join the Nelson Mountain Bike Club you can do so here >>.

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The Gorge Mountain Pike Park - World class trails!