The Gorge Mountain Pike Park - World class trails!

Continental Tyres through their distributor W H Worrall & Co (Worralls) are proud to be a sponsor of The Gorge and have their tyres sold here.

Plenty of people have found their limits at The Gorge and Continental have the tyres to help you grip (not slip) when you’re right there on the rivet!

With 5 Tread patterns, 4 Names and 3 casing levels to choose from there’s literally a Periodic table of options for all gravity oriented riding conditions.

But at The Gorge though we’ve narrowed it down a little to suit the conditions you’ll experience:

Trail Route #11 “The Jr Dark side by Continental” (Broken Nun, Nigh Nighs, Kurtology, and Gotten Rotten) is one where you can nicely test yourself and the amazingness of Continental’s new Gravity oriented tyre platforms.

So if you arrive and find your old tyres are not up to scruff or they have failed the “death by Gorgeous rock” test, then pick up some Conti’s from the team at the Gorge and feel the difference for yourself.

Or if you are in Nelson and are gearing up for your gravity MTB adventure, you can find Continental gravity tyres at all decent bike stores, but particularly at these Continental stockists: 

Check out this short video about Continental MTB Tyres, and get more details about all their tyre offerings here.

BTW… Continental gravity rubber was seen fairly recently up on the top-step (1st place Men’s Open under Wynn Masters) at the finale of the DME Enduro… Yeah Boi!