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JOB OPPORTUNITY – Social media

Do you LOVE the Gorge?  Are you a Social Media Whizz?  If so, then we have an opportunity for you.  We need someone to manage the social media posts and content for the Gorge Facebook and Instagram.  We’re offering 2 – 3 free days riding at the Gorge per month to get content (videos and photos) in return for adding a couple of posts to social media per week. 

Videos (10 – 20 sec) and photos need to be varied, entertaining, related to bikes and identifiable as being at The Gorge.  You’re not trying to ‘sell’ the Gorge just to create interest to a wide group of users.  

If this sound like something you’re interested in or you’d like to find out more then get in touch with our operations manager – Greg – 0272262822 or


It’s about a year ago that we all come out of lock down and I moved to up to Nelson to start getting into running The Gorge. I can’t say that it has been easy, but it has been entertaining and eventful.

The highlights have been the effort of a few legend volunteers, who have donated their time into building a shelter at Razor Bridge, getting an office/meeting shed at Barry’s Flat, clearing Barry’s Flat vegetation and the hours being spent with heavy machinery on the shuttle road. This is not to takeaway from the trail work that the monthly working bee crew come in to do – it all helps. Thank you all very much.

Those that have come out to ride will have noticed that there are new faces driving and looking after you. These guys have taken on the task and excelled at making The Gorge a customer/rider friendly destination.

My goal is to give the Gorge more of a Club feel and not just for the perceived hard-core riders, the club open day showed many of you that the myth that you must be a superstar to ride the Gorge is just that, a myth. 70% of the park is grade 3 and 4, I’m not saying the trails are easy, but they are NOT all grade 5 & 6. Our new trail routes also keep things easy, you do not have to read a map to navigate -just follow the numbers. We even have XC and E-Bike routes now!

We have had a flurry of sponsors come in and buy a trail route for the year! There are a couple of routes that you can still grab.

The winter accommodation and ride special is proving to be a winner with big crews coming from out of town to make the most of OUR club assets. The accommodation is fantastic and should be experienced even if you live locally.

The trails are still riding well, even with a bit of rain this week – make the most of the winter before we close for the season in late July and re open in early September. Remember to use the 30% discount you have with your membership for a shuttle day before the end of July!

Thanks, and see you at The Gorge.


Ops Manager

20 May 2021